About Us

Joe Procopio
Joe became a financial adviser on completion of an engineering degree. He has more than 25 years’ experience explaining complex financial concepts to clients so that they know exactly what they are choosing, and why. His friendly, efficient approach means clients are fully appraised of their options at every stage of the financial cycle. Joe invests in getting to know his clients – and their specific needs – so that his advice addresses their circumstances and produces optimum results.

Lorna Buckle
Lorna is an independent financial adviser with 25 years’ industry experience. As partner in FBS-IFA, she provides independent advice to private clients and corporations on a high value, low-cost fee basis. She works exclusively for clients with no bias towards product providers. By taking fees, Lorna reduces significantly the costs of financial products, which adds immense value in the long term. Lorna specialises in mortgages and ensures that clients have access to the most competitive deals across the entire mortgage market. She has a law degree from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.