Joe and Lorna are your own shiny gems in the muddy world of finance. D Bernstein, Company Director, London

While I have been through many life events in the last 15 years, one thing has remained the same – my financial advisor. I have found Fee-Based Solutions to be straightforward, transparent, trustworthy and sound in their advice; I am confident my financial matters couldn’t be in better hands.Giles Baxter, Chief Information Officer, London

Reliable and trustworthy advice S Mindham, London

Lorna and Joe have been my financial advisors for my whole working life giving me professional, clear, concise advice coupled with great service and products – all tailored especially to my needs and keenly priced. They are incredibly knowledgeable, always offer a good sounding board and ensure that you plan for your future by listening to your needs and dreams. I do not hesitate to recommend them highly and do so all the time, and my friends are all very satisfied clients too.
N Jones, Creative director, London

Joe and Lorna have been our financial advisers for over 20 years. They have supplied us with rigorous support during this time from buying and selling property to pension advice and keeping us always up to date with new government legislation. They have saved us thousands of pounds over the years with judicious sound guidance at the right time. This is expert financial advice without the price tag. We wouldn’t dream of moving to anyone else; we know we just wouldn’t get the attention to detail and personal service that we get from Joe and Lorna. Thank you both. Early retirement now beckons because of your expertise.
D Evans, IT Consultant, London

Fee-Based Solutions has provided me with excellent financial advice for fifteen years. Their service isn’t just the standard, tick these boxes and see what the computer spits out. It’s personal and flexible, particularly important to me since I’ve spent the last decade working overseas. The FBS personal service even extends to Joe arranging to have the same birthday as me!
E Scott, Philippines

I count myself as a long-standing and very satisfied client of FBS. I have never been disappointed with what they’ve done for me. On the contrary, their advice has been invaluable, has always been prompt and accurate and has been delivered with professionalism and efficiency – everything you want from a financial adviser and without the nonsense you get from most others.
A Beattie, Financial Director, London

Financial Advisor: Joe was recommended to me by a friend. The several years of financial advice that I received achieved what I wanted. Joe very kindly explained in detail any items I did not understand. I would definitely recommend Joe as an assured and helpful financial advisor.

Mortgage Advisor: I had not moved and had a mortgage for more than 15 years. Lorna provided me with detailed information, explanation and help with the mortgages that I required – a ‘Buy to Let’ and a ‘Residential’ mortgage. Lorna worked beyond the call of duty in addressing issues even when she was on annual leave. The transaction has not been easy but Lorna has always come up with a possible solution. I would definitely recommend Lorna to anyone who needs a mortgage.
Miss PQ C, Kent

We re-mortgaged our house four times with FBS and have been very pleased with the products we were offered and the service. We came across FBS a number of years ago, when we thought we were tied to a high-interest mortgage. Lorna Buckle showed us we could terminate early and still save money, so we were able to switch. They have been a great benefit for us since then. We did not need to research the hundreds of mortgage deals, because Lorna Buckle knows the mortgage market and follows the trends closely. She understands our financial situation and our needs. She found us suitable mortgage products every time. We always had smooth transition to the mortgage products, thanks to the outstanding service from FBS.
Mr and Mrs Edmonds, North London

Thank you for your help through the annuity minefield. Your clear-cut advice and intercession on my behalf with a variety of pension providers allowed me to maximise my annuity income with absolutely no wear and tear on my nerves!
Miss P C, East Sussex

I’ve been a client of Joe and Lorna for 25 years now and believe they offer exceptional value for money in the advice and support they provide and treat each of their clients as an individual. I now regard Joe and Lorna as friends not just as business associates. The move to a fixed fee business was important for me as it means that I know what I am being charged and I know that the products and services on offer are not biased towards particular providers. Whether it’s pensions, investments or mortgages. It’s simple, it works and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone who needs advice in these areas.
J Capstick, London

As a small investor I am very pleased with the approach taken by FBS-IFA firstly to ensure that my savings are deployed in a manner that looks after my interests with minimal risk and secondly the investment structuring is such that the portfolio is maintained at minimal cost. These key features are maintained by Mr Joe Procopio in a most pleasant and reassuring manner.
N Back, Retired, Hertfordshire

I have found Joe to be very understanding and helpful during a very stressful time and subsequently found his advice to be spot-on and beneficial.
P Crane, Retired Lawyer